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Food carbon footprint workshop for your organisation

Taking climate action can feel overwhelming, whether you're an individual or an organisation. Yet food is one of the simplest, most accessible ways, to make more sustainable choices in the workplace.


We created the interactive Food For Thought team-building workshop for a bite-sized way to support your employee engagement program or sustainability strategy. 

Educate employees on carbon footprints, the role of food in sustainable living, and put your business's responsibility to reduce climate impact on the table.

Empower your team with knowledge to take individual climate action every day and serve up easy swaps to lower your organisation's carbon footprint, from the milk in your coffee to low-carbon corporate lunches.

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Outcomes for food carbon footprint workshop

  • Lead corporate climate action. Show your customers and talent that your business cares about sustainability and employs innovative ways to tackle climate change in all areas. Many employees care about sustainability; prove that your organisation aligns with your people's personal values.

  • Improved employee wellbeing. Discover the links between sustainable food and employee wellbeing, including eating healthier diets and taking daily climate action that enhances mental health and resilience.

  • Educate on green behaviour. Provide organisational learning opportunities to raise awareness of how to reduce your organisation's environmental impact and individual carbon footprints.

  • Low-cost investment towards net-zero. No need to fork out for capital-intensive equipment or pay for carbon offsetting to start reducing your organisation's climate impact. Evidence your organisation's commitment to climate action and knowledge, no matter your business size or turnover.

  • Unite your team. Food is a unifier, regardless of your business sector or industry. Bring your people together, wherever they are in the world, to engage in small steps together for our planet. This workshop caters for people with all dietary requirements and cultural beliefs.

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What to expect

Bring employees together for a one-hour

climate-focused team-building workshop.

  • 60 minute workshop

  • Video conference via Zoom or Microsoft Teams

  • Interactive polls, quizzes and discussion

We'll cover:

  • What is a carbon footprint?

  • Quiz: Carbon footprint of coffee

  • The everyday climate power of food

  • How much CO can we save?

  • People & planetary wellbeing

  • How to join the food fight against climate change

What you'll get

In addition to a one-hour remote workshop delivered by our food sustainability gurus, you will also receive:

  • Annual CO savings breakdown. Personalized breakdown of the food carbon footprint savings your organisation could make, in kilograms (kg) and real-life terms (e.g. transatlantic flights).

  • Low-Carbon Lunch Challenge. Receive a shareable PDF Low Carbon Lunch plan with sustainable meals swaps & an interactive challenge for your organisation that drives sustainable behaviour.

  • Sustainable shout-out templates. We've done the work for you. Get templates to share details about the upcoming workshop internally and to celebrate your climate action on social media.

  • Custom company certificate. After the workshop, you'll receive a custom certificate for your organisation to share on your website, intranet and/or LinkedIn. 

Employee sustainability challenge lunch plan UK
Annual Company Carbon Footprint CO2 Savings with food
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About your speaker

Hi 👋 we're the co-founders of Floop:
Blaze, Kayleigh & Jim. 

We made the first mobile app that calculates and tracks the carbon footprint of your food.

But our mission to make choosing sustainable food easy goes even further than the app.

We want to open up the discussion about reducing climate impact through food, and invite organisations like yours to the table too.

One of us will host your team's workshop. We can't wait to meet you soon!