Floop Launched Single Ingredient Carbon Tracking for Home Made Recipes

Jim Kimberley

30 Jul 2022

London, UK – A new update will allow Floop users to track the carbon footprints of individual ingredients, making at home carbon tracking more accurate and effective.

Floop, the carbon tracking app for food, helps users reduce their carbon impact through reductions of carbon-heavy food, and thanks to the new update, users can now measure, track and reduce carbon-heavy ingredients in home cooking.

The easy-to-read chart on every recipe page shows the CO₂e impact of each ingredient as a percentage of the meal's total climate emissions. Users can also drill down further to see a breakdown of an individual ingredient's impact in a list that displays the per-item carbon footprint.

"This update gives our users an even more straightforward way of visualising the climate impact of their meals so they can make informed cooking decisions," said Jim Kimberley, co-founder and Tech Lead. "We want to help everyone who worries about climate change have the tools to see how they can reduce their carbon footprint. This update is a step in the right direction in the fight against climate change."

The update also contains multiple improvements to the app experience, including even more real-life carbon footprint comparisons, a tag to show when a meal has ‘OK’ emissions, and dark mode adjustments. Users will now be able to equate their meal's climate impact in even more ways, such as the hours of air conditioning used or the number of laundry loads in a tumble drier.

Co-founder Kayleigh Goodman detailed: "The equivalency card is our most-praised feature, by far, and we wanted to add even more comparisons. Seeing that a portion takes 2kg of CO₂e to make doesn't mean anything to most people, but seeing that as seven washing machine loads, or running air conditioning for three hours helps contextualise the impact."

July's record-breaking temperatures in the UK and Europe mean the importance of limiting carbon emissions has never been so visible. With around one-third of all human-made greenhouse gases coming from food systems, the free-to-use app continues to receive five-star ratings on the App Store as its international user base grows amid concern for the planet.

Floop is available for free on the App Store and will launch on Android later this year. To download, visit https://apple.co/392mdut

About Floop


Floop Group Ltd was founded in December 2021 by Kayleigh Goodman, Blaze Horn and Jim Kimberley. The company launched Floop, a meal planning app that tracks the carbon footprint of your meals on Earth Day 2022.


Floop is a mobile app that allows users to calculate the carbon footprint of their meals and offers climate-friendly recipes to try. By tracking meals with the Floop app, users can reduce their climate impact by choosing more sustainable ingredients. Floop also includes a meal planning feature to organise shopping and fight the environmental impact of food waste.