Lincolnshire Entrepreneurs Launch App to Track Carbon Footprint of Meals

Kayleigh Goodman

17 May 2022

Lincolnshire, UK – Kayleigh Goodman (29) and Blaze Horn (28), both from Bourne, have this quarter launched Floop, a first of its kind mobile app that tracks the carbon footprint of your meals. Inspired by the threat that climate change poses to South Lincolnshire and the region’s significance for the national food supply, the pair set out to make it easy to understand how the food you eat impacts the environment and to choose more sustainable ingredients.

With around a third of all human made greenhouse gas emissions coming from food systems, the Lincolnshire-born founders grew frustrated by how difficult it was to find out how food choices affect the climate.

“It can be challenging to find accurate information about where our food comes from and the impact it has on the world around us,” said co-founder Blaze Horn. “The Floop app brings this information straight to your kitchen and is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint through food.”

Floop is available for free on Apple’s App Store after its soft launch on 22 April – Earth Day – earlier this year after 15 months of research and development. With the app already receiving over 1.83K impressions in the App Store in its first weeks to five-star reviews and a 100% crash-free rate, the founders are proud to publicly welcome fellow Lincolnshire residents to download Floop.

Co-founder Kayleigh Goodman explained “Knowing how climate change will literally change the Lincolnshire landscape with rising sea levels, I felt that I had to do something to help fight global warming and protect our local area.”

The app calculates the carbon footprint of its meals by using data that considers aspects such as how an ingredient is grown in a farm, its packaging, and the transportation to when it is sold. To better assist users to understand their food’s climate impact, Floop shows the greenhouse gas usage (COe) in useful easy-to-understand ways such as how many miles a car would travel or how many times a kettle would need to be boiled to produce the equivalent emissions. The iOS app also contains delicious climate-friendly recipes and allows users to add their own food thanks to a simple meal addition process.

Floop will launch on Android later this year and there are many planned updates on the roadmap to further enhance the user experience with further features. “The overwhelmingly positive feedback since our April launch has reinforced how helpful Floop is, and we have plenty of updates planned. We’re certain Floop can do its part in reducing the impact we have on our planet,” concludes co-founder Kayleigh Goodman.

Floop is free to use and available on the App Store.

About Floop


Floop Group Ltd was founded in December 2021 by Kayleigh Goodman, Blaze Horn and Jim Kimberley. The company launched Floop, a meal planning app that tracks the carbon footprint of your meals on Earth Day 2022.


Floop is a mobile app that allows users to calculate the carbon footprint of their meals and offers climate-friendly recipes to try. By tracking meals with the Floop app, users can reduce their climate impact by choosing more sustainable ingredients. Floop also includes a meal planning feature to organise shopping and fight the environmental impact of food waste.