• Kayleigh Goodman

Best Ways To Learn About Climate Change & Sustainability

Updated: Oct 15

Learning about the world now is vital in preparing for our future - and this couldn't be truer than when it comes to learning about climate change. There are many good ways to learn about climate change. Here are our favourite resources for keeping up to date on news and topics related to climate change.

Best Websites about Climate Change & Sustainability

We enjoy reliable, scientific data and reports mixed with cultural news and uplifting stories. Here are our favourite websites for information about climate change and sustainability.

Best Websites To Learn About Climate Change & Sustainability

NASA Climate (climate.nasa.gov)

NASA's climate website makes scientific information about climate change easy to access and understand. NASA also highlights data about signs of climate change, like sea level rises, global temperature change and arctic ice reduction. This site is a great place to read about the causes and evidence of climate change and what we need to do to solve it.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ipcc.ch)

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, is the United Nations (UN) body responsible for reporting about climate change. They produce comprehensive reports analysed and written by thousands of experts and scientists.

Not only can and should governments use these reports to influence policy, individual consumers and planet-positive businesses, like Floop, can use them to change their actions and influence broader change.

LiveKindly (www.livekindly.co)

LiveKindly describes itself as the home for kind, conscious and sustainable living. Find good news and stories related to sustainability, from pop culture, to recipes, to home and living and technological innovations. No matter your interest, there'll be something to inspire you on their website or Instagram page.

Best Newsletters About Climate & Sustainability

Get climate news and discussions delivered straight to your inbox with our favourite free newsletters.

Best Websites To Learn About Climate Change & Sustainability

Nature eAlerts by Nature

We love finding out about the cutting-edge climate and food science. Nature is a scientific journal that publishes some of the world's most highly regarded research studies.

You can sign up for alerts to hear climate-related updates from different Nature specialisms. We love getting updates about research papers and discussions posted in the Nature Sustainability, Nature Climate Change and Nature Food journals.

Planetary Health by The Lancet

Like Nature, The Lancet is an internationally trusted journal publishing cutting-edge science. Their Planetary Health journal shares research that supports sustainable development and global environmental change. Sign up to receive alerts when science about climate and sustainable communities is published.

Down to Earth by The Guardian

Get a roundup of environmental news covered by the Guardian in this weekly newsletter. Their stories often answer the climate questions you've been pondering and spotlight individuals and businesses disrupting the status quo for the environment.

The Climate Issue by The Economist

The Climate Issue is a fortnightly summary of climate articles published by The Economist. As you might expect, the pieces are often rooted in science and economics and provide insight into big topic discussions from new angles.

From the Desk Of Alicia Kennedy by Alicia Kennedy

Something a little different from food writer and essayist Alicia Kennedy. Alicia shares a free weekly musing on various topics related to sustainable eating. Her ultra-engaging writing brings fresh perspectives and nuance to the complex subject of sustainable food.

We're also proud of the climate insight we share in our monthly newsletter. Sign up for monthly tips from Floop to slash your carbon footprint.

Best Books about Climate Change

Reading casually or for research is one of the best ways to learn new ideas and get a fresh perspective. So here are our favourite books about climate change and sustainable living.

Best Books To Learn About Climate Change & Sustainability

How Bad are Bananas? by Mike Berners-Lee

How Bad are Bananas? is an encyclopaedia on the climate impact of daily living. Berners-Lee makes learning about the carbon footprint of everyday items and activities simple. In this book, you'll find the carbon dioxide equivalents (COe) for everything from a Google search to a medical operation.

Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet by Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt's book is more than a cookbook – it's a holistic guide to sustainable food in the UK. Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet is brimming with low carbon recipes and puts local food sourcing front and centre. If you ever want to get friends and family who may be sceptical about climate-friendly food, the meals here will help your cause.

Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal by Tristram Stuart

You may have heard of Tristram Stuart if you have an interest in sustainability. He uses his knowledge to create this gem of a book to help fight against wastage by uncovering the truth about global food waste. As a sign of how long this fight might be, Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal is over ten years old, and yet continues to be a must-read today.

You can also check out our ten best sustainable food books you must read.

Best Documentaries about Sustainability & Climate Change

Documentaries are an entertaining and engaging way to digest complex information. These are our favourite climate and environment documentaries that helped us start learning about the changes needed for a sustainable future.
Best Documentaries To Learn About Climate Change & Sustainability

An Inconvenient Truth featuring Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth is an Oscar-winning documentary following presidential candidate Al Gore, who laid out the challenges we face with climate change. If you think politics isn’t for you, this documentary will show you why it’s time to pay attention before it’s too late.

Before the Flood featuring Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio asks the questions we want to know from scientists, climate experts and world leaders. He shows us places around the world that are already affected by environmental changes caused by climate change. But most of all, it offers us solutions so that we can take climate action now, including changing your diet.

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

Broadcaster and biologist David Attenborough has lived an extraordinary life and career. Now, in his 90s, he decided to use his exceptional ability to fascinate us with the natural world to record an urgent message.

Attenborough describes A Life on Our Planet as his witness statement of the rapid planetary changes and environmental destruction he has seen over his lifetime. He offers hope for the future with the instruction to take action for our planet now.


Although not specifically on sustainability and climate, this investigative docuseries exposes unsustainable practices in our food systems. From waste, corruption and violence, this thought-provoking series opens our eyes to the processes involved and the people affected by ingredients in our grocery shop.

Best Movies about Climate Change

Movies capture our imagination in a way that no other medium can. Despite being fiction, the directors and writers of our climate change films root their work in evidence and possibility.

Best Movies To Learn About Climate Change & Sustainability

Don't Look Up featuring Leonardo DiCaprio & Jennifer Lawrence

Scientists discover Earth is facing an imminent apocalyptic disaster. There's only a short time window to save the planet. So they try to warn the world that doesn’t want to hear it. This movie is an allegory about the climate crisis and had us shouting at our screens.

Interstellar featuring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway

Earth becomes uninhabitable, and humans can grow almost no food. To save the species, scientists take to space to find a new planet for us. This movie depicts why futureproofing our food systems is so essential for human and planetary health.

Best Eco-Influencers to Follow About Climate Change

We’re inspired daily by those who use their voice and platform to champion a more sustainable world. Here are some of our favourite eco-influencers.

Best Eco-Influencers Talking About Climate Change & Sustainability

Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg)

Probably the world's most famous youth activist, Greta is a testament to the power of a single person to create widespread change.

Since her lone school strike in 2018, she's accelerated the conversation about climate change and inspired millions to take climate action alongside her.

Isaias Hernandez (@queerbrownvegan)

Environmental educator and environmental justice advocate, Isaias Hernandez, answers the questions we all have about climate change and living sustainably.

Isais calls out unrealistic standards portrayed about "green lifestyles" and makes climate action feel achievable for every one of us.

Ed Winters (@earthlinged)

Earthling Ed went viral in 2016 for his debates about veganism with people in the street. His activism approach is simple yet highly effective: ask questions.

In doing so, Ed exposes the hypocrisy between our actions and beliefs. His agenda is promoting a compassionate food system, but his arguments for veganism also include undeniable evidence for planetary benefits.

Mikaela Loach (@mikaelaloach)

Mikaela Loach is a climate justice activist, podcaster, medical student and writer who‘s not afraid to take on the U.K. government and Big Oil.

Join Mikaela’s Paid to Pollute campaign and follow her on Instagram to learn how you can lobby for more equitable and sustainable policies.

Best Mobile Apps about Climate Change and Sustainability

Use mobile technology to bring sustainable living to your fingertips. Here are our top apps for a more sustainable lifestyle.


Okay, so we might be biased. But we haven't come across another app like Floop yet. Use Floop to calculate the carbon footprint of your meals and track your dietary climate impact over the week. Plan meals to fight food waste and find out how to choose more sustainable ingredients.


Prevent waste by sharing leftover food and household products with your neighbours. Get free stuff from your neighbours, too, all while saving the planet.

By Rotation

The fashion industry is notoriously unsustainable. Curate a sustainable yet ever-changing wardrobe by renting designer clothes from others. You can lend or sell your clothes using By Rotation too.

Tree App

Answer quizzes to plant trees and support projects to offset carbon emissions around the world.


Make living sustainably a game—log earth-friendly actions (or “buzzes”) to build more sustainable habits throughout your day.