• Kayleigh Goodman

Floop are Crowdfunding! Here's why...

Updated: Aug 23

We believe that we can make a sustainable future by taking small steps together. So now we're asking our community to help us intensify the food fight against climate change.

Update 23/08/2022: We raised £1,500 during our first crowdfunding campaign. Thank you to everyone who backed us and showed support for the Floop app.

Food is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. Around a third of human-made greenhouse gas emissions come from our food systems.

Our diet is one of the easiest ways we, as consumers, can vote for a sustainable future.

The groceries you buy every week create demand in our food systems. But how do you know which ingredients are sustainable?

Eighteen months ago, we had an idea to make choosing sustainable food simple and affordable.

We created the first mobile app that tracks the carbon footprint of an individual's food.

How is Floop different?

Floop is the first mobile app that lets you track the carbon footprint of your food. Our free app allows you to quickly calculate the carbon footprint of your meals, find low-carbon recipes and plan meals to fight food waste.

Other food tracker apps let you monitor calories and macronutrients to see how food affects your own body and health. But no others allow you to track your food's impact on your carbon footprint and planetary health.

Some businesses and restaurants are starting to offer carbon labels on their food products or dishes. We want to make this knowledge available for all ingredients in your kitchen, alongside collaborating with these organisations.

Our mission is to make choosing sustainable food easy.

Our vision is to empower millions of individuals to create demand for a greener food system.

Why we're raising money

Over the last year, we've researched, designed, developed, and launched the first version of the Floop app for iPhone.

We, Kayleigh, Blaze and Jim, have invested our own personal money and thousands of hours into bringing the Floop app to life.

Last year we were awarded a business grant from the Prince's Trust, enabling us to access high-quality life cycle assessment data about your ingredients.

Now we need your help to bring the food fight against climate change to everyone with a smartphone.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money through a collective effort. Crowdfunding operates similarly to online fundraising platforms for charity but offers you the chance to support other causes you believe in.

You also get to be part of an exclusive crew involved in a start-up from its beginning and give fledgling organisations and projects the funds needed to get off the ground.

We have chosen to use Indiegogo as our crowdfunding platform.

Why we're crowdfunding

After considering other options for investment and fundraising, we chose to crowdfund at this stage for several reasons:

  1. Our ethos is about making widespread changes with small steps together. We can reach our target through small contributions from our growing community of planet-positive people.

  2. We will find more people to join the food fight against climate change. Crowdfunding platforms and people sharing our campaign allow us to reach even more people who want to fight climate change.

  3. We can focus on our mission. Other investment options involve finding investors willing to prioritise our app's climate-led purpose above profit. We know those investors are out there (if this sounds like you, please get in touch), but it takes time to find the perfect fit. Our planet doesn't have time to wait, and we want to make information about food sustainability available to everyone with a smartphone over the next six months.

How we will use your backing

We aim to raise £35,000. Help us reach our milestones to take the Floop app to the next level. We will use your backing to:

£10,000: Launch the Android app

We designed Floop and learned how to develop the app for iPhone ourselves. Now we need to outsource some extra help to code Floop for Android. This help will make food carbon footprint tracking available to everyone with smartphones over the next six months.

£25,000: Develop new features for iOS and Android

Our free app makes basic information about your food's carbon footprint available to everyone. But we want to create an incredible user experience that makes tracking and slashing food's carbon footprint rewarding, fun and simple. You'll get access to Floop's premium features as an early backer.

£35,000: Expand recipes and user profiles

Competitive?! Help us reach our top milestone! Your support will help us expand user profiles so you can compare your carbon footprint with your friends. We know our users love trying new recipes too. Reaching full backing will help us expand our low-carbon recipe database for sustainable meal plans.

What's in it for me?

We have a range of rewards to say "Thanks" for backing our crowdfunding campaign.

Check out our perks, including lifetime access to Premium app features, in-app ad credits for ethical businesses, and much more!

We can also assure you that your hard-earned cash is going directly to a project that can make the world more sustainable now and for future generations.

This is your pledge to fight climate change.

We're here to champion like-minded businesses that support sustainable living, too. If you have an ethical and sustainable business, you'll find special rewards to promote your products and services in the Floop app.

Ready to invest in our planet? Join the crowd and back Floop on Indiegogo now.