• Kayleigh Goodman

How to slash your dog's carbon pawprint

Your dog's carbon pawprint might be higher than your carbon footprint. But now, your pooch can join the food fight against climate change, too.

DoGood is on a mission to make dog food more sustainable. They're revolutionising the pet food industry by providing dogs with a nutritious way to eat plant-based.

Yes, you read that right... your dog can eat vegan food! And it can help us save the planet.

You can watch my chat with Steve Hutchins, co-founder of DoGood, to find out how plant-based dog food is a sustainable and nutritious alternative for our four-legged friends.

Listen to Steve's fascinating story behind DoGood, learn how your dog can safely join meat-free Mondays, and uncover the forgotten environmental impact of our pets' diet.

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Steve references some studies during our chat. We love sharing science, and you can find them listed below: