Wall of Fame

Meet the people backing climate action.

The food fight against climate change is made possible by our amazing supporters. Our Wall of Fame celebrates the people who backed Floop's mission from the start. 

A huge thank you to every one of you for making choosing sustainable food easy.

Badge of Honour

Badge of Honour

An extra special shoutout to our biggest backers.

Paul Boyd
Sean Ruane
Daniel Warner
Jamie Goodman

Sarah Kimberley
Chris & Fiona Wright
Karen Rushby
Sharon Pratten

Friends & Supporters

Beth Goodman
Danielle Usher
Lena Bodeving
Mark Holland
Josey Mendez

Jaqueline Barnett

Kristoffer Johansson
Alina Klaseva
Janine Goodman
Judith Sjetske Begeer
Paula Manaley
Luke Watkins

Mary Robinson
Rosie Goodman
Beth Swaine
Graeme Brunton
Holly Hodgkins
Georgia Aubrey

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