Forget low carb,
eat low carbon.

Track your food’s carbon footprint with Floop app, reduce your climate impact the tasty way.

Screenshot of Floop, a food carbon footprint calculator wiht carbon footprint tracking.

Join the food fight against climate change.

Our current food systems create a third of all human-made greenhouse gases.

But what you eat could save the planet. Small changes to your meals can slash your personal carbon footprint and create demand for sustainable food.

You don’t need to go vegan for the planet. There are low carbon swaps for everyone.
Join the community making simple food swaps for a sustainable future and discover more ways to reduce your climate impact.

Introducing Floop

The Food Carbon Footprint Calculator App

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Track food’s carbon footprint

Log meals eaten with the Floop app and we’ll calculate the carbon footprint of your food. See the carbon footprint of your meal in real-life data.

We use lifecycle assessment data to find out the CO₂ equivalents (CO₂e) produced by the ingredients in your meals. This means the carbon footprint of the ingredients in your recipes have been analysed from farm-to-shop.

screenshot of recipe cards in Floop food carbon footprint calculator

Find climate-friendly recipes

Add your favourite recipes to Floop to find out the total ingredients’ greenhouse gas (CO₂e) emissions and your meal’s carbon footprint.

Need recipe ideas? Find sustainable recipes in the Floop app and add them to your weekly meal plan. Get low carbon recipe inspiration for meat-lovers, flexitarians, and vegans alike.

screenshot of recipe cards in Floop food carbon footprint calculator
Screenshot of Floop meal log in the food carbon footprint calculator app

Plan meals & reduce food waste

Food waste is a major contributor to climate change. A fifth of all food in our kitchens goes to waste.

Plan meals with the Floop app to stop overbuying, save time & money, and fight food waste.

Track food eaten and learn how to make sustainable swaps to reduce your personal climate impact while creating demand for climate-friendly ingredients.

screenshot of recipe cards in Floop food carbon footprint calculator

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