What is Earth Day?

In April, every year, the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day.

This annual event raises awareness of environmental issues and celebrates actions that protect our precious planet.

Find out why Earth Day is so important Floop and ways you can get involved in Earth Day this year.

When is Earth Day?


Earth Day will be celebrated on Friday 22nd April 2022. The week running up to Earth Day is known as Earth Week.

When did Earth Day start?


The first Earth Day was held in 1970 in the USA. Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson who was also a passionate environmentalist.


In 1990, Earth Day went global. Celebrations were held across 141 countries led by environmental advocate Denis Hayes.

Earth Day priorities and celebrations have changed a lot over the last 50 years.


In 2022, the global environment is in crisis. We have less than a decade left to take drastic action that prevents irreversible climate damage.


In 2022, attention will be on every single one of us - individuals, businesses, and governments - to play our part in creating a sustainable future.


How is Earth Day celebrated?

There is a different theme for Earth Day each year, that inspires different ways to protect the plant. The official theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest In Our Planet.


Marches, celebrations, and events take place around the world to celebrate and raise awareness of Earth Day.



Why Earth Day is important to Floop

WWF predicts that we need to slash the carbon footprint of our diets by more than 20% before 2030.

Earth Day 2021 was the very first time we shared our idea for a meal planner app that tracks the carbon footprint of your food.


Our vision is to see a world with sustainable food habits, where people are empowered with climate data about the diet they choose to eat.


We want Floop to support a community of like-minded eco-warriors, foodies, and data lovers to try low-carbon recipes and learn how to choose more sustainable ingredients.


Ultimately, we want consumers to be able to influence food and drink companies to become more sustainable from farm-to-fork.



Floop's Earth Day 2022 Launch

After a year of research, design, and development by our small team, we launched Floop on the App Store on Friday 22nd April 2022.


On Earth Day 2022, iPhone users could start tracking the carbon footprint of their food using Floop to reduce their climate impact. Android users... we're coming to you soon!

We believe our food carbon footprint tracker is the first app of its kind, and we hope it will help you to #InvestInOurPlanet. 

Food contributes a third of all human-made greenhouse gases. So, the food you buy at your weekly grocery shop is a crucial vote on the future of our planet.


Our hope is that by downloading Floop for free, you'll know how to invest your cash into ingredients and meals that won't cost the Earth.


How you can get involved in Earth Day


There are lots of ways to #InvestInOurPlanet on Earth Day in 2022. Here are some ideas.